The Groundsman 345HD Turf Aerator the go to machine of professionals that do not comprise.

The 345HD is a heavy-duty aerator enabling it to work on all surfaces and conditions from Bowling green’s, sports turf estates and gardens where stones and even old foundations can be encountered. This versatile machine is self-propelled and weights 160KG has an overall width of 80cm (32″) it can access pedestrian gateways/ doorways etc.


Effective lawn aeration is essential for maintaining the health of any lawn, encouraging deep root growth and nutrients into the soil and for improving the drainage while alleviating any dry patches. This is far easier to achieve if you are equipped with a powered lawn hollow tine aerator (or lawn ‘plugger’). You can fit this handy and reliable petrol-driven aerator with either hollow corers (for compacted lawns) or solid spikes (for general lawn maintenance) – and a key feature of this particular product is the fact you can change the tines from spikes to corers (or vice versa) in less than five minutes. Our aerators are supplied with hollow tines. If you require solid tines please ask at booking.!

Extremely simple to operate and is powered by a 4 stroke 5.5 horse power Honda engine which runs on normal unleaded petrol. This powerful and reliable engine allows the machine to work unhindered on even the toughest of garden terrain.

Please Note

We supply lawn aerators with hollow tines. If you require solid tines, please ask when you are ordering.

Whilst you are using the aerator, make sure that you wear appropriate safety equipment such as toe-capped boots, protective gloves, and ear defenders.


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