Bobcat E17 with grab thumb

A thumb grab is a must have!

Strong statement maybe but once you have had one on a machine and then drive one without Our hydraulic thumb is always on the machine ready for use.

The thumb can be used with buckets, ripper tines, rakes etc. This makes an excavator thumb grab a very versatile tool expecially making shifting logs or brass in mass a walk in the park.

The Bobcat® E17 compact excavator (mini excavator) is perfect for confined spaces with the need for only minimal repositioning to achieve desired digging/breaking. Operator controlled hydraulically retractable undercarriage to a width of only 980 mm enables you to travel through gates or between walls and houses. The track can then expand to 1360 mm for a wider footprint and greater performance. With the E17’s reduced tail swing you enjoy better versatility and manoeuvrability on compact job or construction sites.


■ E17 Specification
■ Operating Features
■ Max Dig Depth: 2249mm
■ Minimised Tail Swing
■ Max Dump Height: 2370mm
■ Retractable Undercarriage 980mm to 1360mm
■ Operating Weight: 1,711kg
■ Adjustable Joystick Control

Comes with 3 buckets as standard Ditching, Digging, and trenching bucket.

Ripper tooth available as an option for those stubborn roots that need some persuasion.


Also check out our ground protection mats to go with these machines to avoid damage to your ground surface or to tip our soil or aggregates onto and get our grab lorry to come and collect or drop of aggregates.

Ground Protection Mats


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