South Muir, Digger Hire – REF2112

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Terms & Conditions Of KPH Kinellar Plant Hire Ltd

Enquiries for Hire of Plant may be done online by email or by phone.

When ordering please provide us with the following information:
· The type of plant machinery required
· The duration needed
· Any attachments
· If delivery and collection are required
· Depending on equipment an operator may be available

We will require contact number, email, postcode and address in full additionally a Google map pin / what3words location if address difficult to find.

A form of identification will be required such as driving licence or passport.

Machines must be returned cleaned. A cleaning charge will be applied if not. The minimum charge is £30+vat and £25+vat every additional hour required to clean.

All accidental damage is the hirer’s responsibility and must be paid within 24 hours. If the machine is damaged beyond repair the machine must be replaced or the value of it must be paid within 1 month from the date of hire.

Photos will be taken of equipment when on hired and off hired any damage can be charged up to 14 days after off hire this can include damage, missing partsq, negligence and abuse not visible on the photos.

To secure booking we now take 50% payment up front and the remaining payment minimum 24 hours in advance of machine delivery.

Any fuel usage will be invoiced after hire

Equipment comes with a full tank of diesel and should be returned with a full tank of diesel or fuel will be charged as full tank @£2.50 per liter retrospectively.

Biodiesel, Red Diesel or any other contaminated Fuel must NOT be used to refill any of KPH machines as will cause damage to the machinery’ engines and will be charged accordingly + labour

We are a VAT registered company so all prices are subject to VAT.

The hirer is solely responsible for theft and accidental damage when plant is hired out.

We do not cover if you damage property when using our equipment. Therefore, we recommend you take out your own insurance for accidental damage.

It may be possible to add the machine to your household insurance for the duration that the machine is hired out.

We strongly recommend taking out plant hire insurance with the likes of JCB insurance while hiring any of our plant.

Please take extra precautions when working near power lines, gas mains, and water or any other utilities or obstacles/ubstructions.

Definitions relevant to these terms and conditions:
1. A ‘day’ is 8 consecutive hours in any working day that commences at 0800 and finishes at 1600
2. A week is 7 consecutive working days
3. A ‘working’ week is from Monday to Friday.

Loading and unloading
KPH shall not be responsible for any damage to plant, equipment, surface or property whatsoever in the loading or unloading of plant upon delivery or collection whether by KPH employees or the hirer.

Collection and drop-off
Collection and drop-off times are expected between 0800 and 0930 if machines are collected or returned after these hours the hire will not be extended,

Late collection or drop-off will not be extended past the drop-off or collection times. fees will be charged.

Hirer's responsibilities
All KPH equipment is regularly maintained and inspected.

The hirer is assumed to satisfy themselves that the equipment is functional before attempting to use it on site.

The hirer will be solely responsible for the safe use of the plant and the reporting and payment for of damage to said plant tools or machinery.

The hirer will be responsible for any costs of recovery of plant from unsuitable ground or any other situation requiring recovery or maintenance arising during or post hire due to that.

The hirer will be solely responsible for costs incurred due to fuel contamination running machine dry of fuel using incorrect fuel or not checking oil, hydraulic or water levels, greasing daily, or any neglect while hired.

General Conditions Of Hire

1. Definition
"Owner" means the person, firm or company letting out the plant on hire in this case KPH Kinellar Plant Hire.
"Hirer" means the person, firm or company taking the plant on hire.
"Plant" means and includes any type of machine or equipment.

2. Commencement and Termination of Hire.
For the purpose of determining the Hirers responsibility for hire charges, the date of commencement of hire is the date the plant leaves the Owners yard. The date of terminations is the date the plant is returned to the Owners yard.

3. Care and Maintenance of Plant, Safekeeping of Plant and Vandalism.
a) Care and Maintenance - Unless notification to the contrary is received within the first two hours, all plant will be deemed to have been delivered in good condition and to the Hirers satisfaction.
b) Safekeep of Plant - The Hirer is required to take all reasonable precautions for the safe-keeping of the plant and will use it in workmanlike manners only and not for any purpose beyond its capacity nor in a way likely to result in deterioration and will be responsible for returning it to the Owner, at the termination of the hire, in good condition in which it was delivered to him.
c) Vandalism or Loss - The Hirer will be responsible to the Owner for destruction of or damage to the plant caused maliciously or mischievously by any party whilst it is in his care or under his control, and the provisions of the immediately preceding subclause will not detract from the Hirers absolute obligation in the respect. Damage caused by neglect, misuse or operator error will be deemed on the hirer responsibility and the hirer will be charge for all replacement costs at a "new for old" rate, including parts and labour. The Hirer is responsible for the safe custody of the tools or plant until they are retuned to the Owner, stolen or lost tools should be replaced at the Hirers cost.
d) Sub-letting - The Hirer shall not sub-let the plant or any parts of it without the Owners prior consent.
e) Breakdown - Any breakdown or unsatisfactorily working of the plant or any part thereof must immediately be notified to the Owner.
f) Insurance - The Hirer is strongly recommended to ensure that he is covered by insurance to cover the plant for transportation, fire, theft, and any damage from the time the plant leaves the Owners premises until the plant is returned safely to the Owner. In this respect it should be noted that the Owner accepts no responsibility for loss of or damage to property (including the hired plant) or loss or injury to workmen or third parties arising out of operation of the plant or of negligence of workmen, the liability for which, at common law or by virtue of this agreement or by statuary enactment would normally fall on the Hirer.
g) Fuel- Machine will be full of fuel at the start of the rental and should be returned with same amount of fuel or a fuel fee will be added to the cost of the hire.