The Bobcat® E10 Micro Excavator is light weight, easy to transport and fits through most standard door sizes with a width of only 710 mm to access difficult and cramped jobsites where exhausting manual labour is your only other option is so versatile it literally ” breathes in” to gain entry through narrow gateways and navigates through narrower openings to operate in more confined areas than other excavators and then extends its tracks out to 1100mm providing unmatched stability It is extremely easy and safe to operate with zero tail swing, 2 speed operation & joystick control for precision operation.

This popular and versatile micro-digger is suitable for a wide range of commercial & DIY tasks including demolition, ground care/work and landscaping.


E10 Specification
Operating Features
Max Dig Depth: 1820mm
Zero Tail Swing
Max Dump Height: 1810mm
Retractable Undercarriage 710mm to 1100mm
Operating Weight: 1,176kg
Adjustable Joystick Control

Comes with 4 buckets as standard Ditching, Digging, and a 6- or 9-inch trenching buckets.

Ripper tooth available as an option for those stubborn roots that need some persuasion.


Also check out our ground protection mats to go with these machines to avoid damage to your ground surface or to tip our soil or aggregates onto and get our grab lorry to come and collect or drop of aggregates.

Ground Protection Mats


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