Pedestrian single drum roller & Braker

The Terex MBR71 is a heavy duty, single drum diesel Plant Roller designed for laying tarmac on pavements and road repairs and repairing smaller areas. It is also suitable for sub-base compaction.

Pedestrian Rollers are single drum roller units which are suited to heavy duty compaction work. The diesel-driven power pack can also be linked up to a hydraulic breaker for ultimate productivity.

Supplied with a towable trailer this makes it ideal for driveways, roadworks, construction and landscaping.


Supplied with a towable trailer

Can be hired with a breaker unit to link up to the power pack

Easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces


Pedestrian roller hire comes with plenty of features, including:

Reliable, air-cooled engine with electrical start for easy start-up

Effective drum clearing from both the front and rear scraper bars

High capacity corrosion free water system ensures drum cleanliness at all times

Hydrostatic transmission for easy manoeuvrability on site

High quality surface finish on drum for improved results, particularly on asphalt surfaces


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